Naw. Being overweight is totally healthy, has no detrimental or deleterious effects and is just SO sexy.

I included the FB/Tumblr pic because I freely admit I laughed my face off at it.

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The amazing thing about the Toy Story trilogy is the fact that they waited 10 years to conclude the story, so that a story about nostalgia made you feel nostalgic towards the original content.

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Happily ever after…

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You know, if you watch the lion king closely, you can find a lot of simbalism.

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Do you HONESTLY think white privilege is a myth?! I'm white- and I know it's real. You cannot deny there is a stigmatism with black people. When I white person walks in somewhere no one thinks anything of it but if that person was black, everyone thinks something of it.







Yes, I think it is a myth, and I’ll happily explain why.

I don’t think a black person walks in somewhere “everyone” thinks something of it.  I’ve never felt that towards any black person before, and I know no human being who does.  That’s not to say there aren’t any, but people like that are not nearly as common as portrayed.  Again, this seems to be some stereotype pushed by the media.

One could also argue that if you were to walk into a mostly-black place (such as an employment assistance center, like one I used to work at), you’d get weird looks for not being associated with their race.  I’ve heard many racial statements used against white people at my old work place, especially the employees to the point that the company started hiring mostly non-whites.  The white workers that had to tell the men to pull their pants up to maintain a professional atmosphere were deemed “racist” by the incoming customers.  It was a mess and caused many unnecessary arguments.

Let’s look into the Michael Brown situation now.  Yeah, the guy was shot and killed (for debatable reasons, but I’ll give you the definite benefit of the doubt here) by a police officer.  Look into it, that’s not a racial issue like many are pushing it to be!  You can look and see that there are many stories of people being unnecessarily beat down, shot, arrested, etc. by the police; black, white, Hispanic…you name it!

Let’s look at some facts now. Because of the oh-so-lovely fashionable discrimination known as affirmative action, whites (males most of all) are often untouchables in the job market…and examples are legion. I can personally testify for that after being in my old work place, where hardly a white person was ever hired for the jobs we contracted customers for.  Talk-show host Michael Savage has quite often mentioned that after he earned his Ph.D., he had trouble finding a job in his chosen field and was told in so many words that “white men need not apply.” I could also mention a junior-high-school friend of mine whose test score was too low to qualify for the specialty high school I attended and the black student who gained admission with the exact same score. Or read this essay by Professor Louis Pojman, who cites the case of a brilliant Ph.D. philosopher who was denied a tenure-track position because the university in question had to hire a “woman or a Black.” Then there is the Dayton, OH, police department, which recently discarded its recruit exam and the scores of 748 people who passed it because not doing so would have resulted in too many whites being hired.

And there is social discrimination as well. While black comedians can use derogatory terms for whites such as “cracker,” white comedians who use corresponding anti-black racial epithets risk career destruction. And a racial slur isn’t even necessary for a white person to incur the thought police’s wrath. Sportscaster Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder lost his job in the 1980s for, while tipsy at a restaurant, offering an unsophisticatedly stated opinion as to why blacks are great athletes. Even more ridiculous, Washington, DC, mayoral staffer David Howard was pilloried and had to resign his position (he was later rehired) for using the word “niggardly,” which is of Scandinavian origin and means “cheap,” during a staff meeting. Golf commentator Kelly Tilghman was suspended for two weeks for innocently using the term “lynch” when describing what young players might have to do to beat Tiger Woods. And university student Keith John Sampson was charged with “racial harassment” for reading a book about the Ku Klux Klan in the presence of black colleagues. It didn’t matter that it was an anti-KKK book.

There is also a trove of government programs designed to aid minorities — such as those geared toward minority-owned businesses — but no corresponding help for whites. And, as whistleblowers recently revealed, our Department of Justice has long been ignoring voting-rights cases when the victims have been white.

This is where the white-privilege propagandists may say, “But, wait, whites are wealthier than other racial groups and occupy most positions of power and prestige. Why do you think that is?!” This is the same reasoning leftists use when claiming that the large number of blacks in prison proves discrimination in the criminal/justice system. But let’s see how valid this circumstantial argument really is.

The median income of Jewish Americans is approximately twice that of their non-Jewish countrymen. Additionally, while only about 40 percent of high-school graduates attend college, the rate among Jews is 85 percent. Jews also occupy positions of power at a rate greatly in excess of their two percent of the population. Yet should we speak of “Jewish privilege”? It would be more instructive to note a secret of Jewish people’s success: They place great emphasis on education and workplace achievement.

And what about blacks’ dominance in mainstream sports? Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to talk about “black athletic privilege”?

And how about whites being blamed for slavery?  Which is 1) something that happened generations ago, 2) less than 5% of whites were involved in that, and 3) blacks were also involved in it, including the first slave owner in America?  So again, why are white people alone being blamed for something that wasn’t primarily their fault?  Just like the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, as I stated before in a previous post.  Zimmerman became the poster-man for all white people in America, when he was in fact Hispanic.  Regardless of whether or not you think he was guilty, white people should have not received blame for that, but they did.

Oh my god. Please stop. No. Just. 

Can someone who’s a person of color explain this? It’s not my right. But this entire thing is WRONG.

Why don’t you explain why it’s wrong you big baby.

Because it’s not my place too, I’m a white person, I don’t personally know the effects of racism and white privilege. I just know I have it.

Of course you don’t know. You don’t seem to know anything.

How brainwashed can you be?

"I don’t understand white privilege or why I am a racist but my marxist professor told me I am so it must be true despite having no evidence whatsoever for it, he knows me better than myself"



Imagine if you will…

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Since when is looting and vandalism “peaceful protesting”?

You’re doing nothing to stop this racism you claim is rampant with police.

And they are actually creating the environment for people to see blacks as “animals” who resort to violence. All that does is breed more stereotypes which in turn breed more racism.

They done fugged up.



"We met at Coachella. She was seeing someone, and I was seeing someone, so we were friends for a year. One year later we were back at Coachella, but this time we were both single and checked out a show together. At 1 A.M. that night we were lying on a golf course under the stars, and I said, "Don’t think I’m crazy, but I’m in love with you. And I’m going to court you for the rest of your life.""

-Aaron Paul on wife Lauren Parsekian



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